How do I make pickled samphire?

Pickled samphire, as many of the older generation who live in samphire growing areas will tell you, is extremely delicious and simple to make.

It makes an excellent side dish with cold meats and in salads generally, but you may need to act fast as it is one of those foods that seems to get eaten straight out of the jar by hungry children and adults alike

The following is a simple recipe for pickled samphire

Pickled Samphire (simple but delicious)


1) Try to use young samphire if possible
2) break into approx 2 inch pieces
3) Lay on a dish and sprinkle with salt and leave for 24 hours
4) Drain and cook gently in enough vinegar to just cover it for a short while (don't let it go too soft though)
5) Seal in Hot jars and store and use when needed

In a nutshell, samphire is not a cure for obesity and anyone that tells you it is is not a nutritionist.

That said, samphire is a healthy and nutritious food rich in minerals and vitamins and can certainly help you towards a healthy diet. Salt, for example, which can cause water retention, can be reduced in recipes with samphire due to the salty flavour of the plant.

On the negative side, some people do like to add butter to cooked samphire which is, of course, fattening. Common sense and a better balanced diet which can include samphire is a good place to start in reversing any obesity problems that you may have.