Simple Samphire Recipes for you:

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Crab Salad with Samphire

One of the best ways to eat samphire is on it's own as an accompianement to fish or lamb which goes surprisingly well with it.

To cook basically, simply boil for around 3 or 4 few minutes and then add either melted butter and black pepper, olive oil and lemon or dress in the way that you would young asparagus. You may need to pick out and trim the tougher ends of the samphire stalks to avoid any woody bits.

Alternatively, toss the washed and trimmed samphire in some butter or oilive oil for a few minutes until cooked. You may want to also add a little garlic depending on your taste.

So that is the simple (but delicious approach). But samphire can be used as an ingredient in dishes and we have included a few below:

Samphire and Shellfish Pasta - Serves 4

To add samphire to a fish dish is a natural choice and you can use whatever shellfish you like here, or alternatively replace with flakes of cooked cod or add mushrooms or similar if you are a vegetarian.

500g fresh samphire
black pepper
350g Linguine or spaghetti (you can use any but these work best)
cooked pracwns/mussels/cockles/scallops
A large knob of butter
half a lemon

1) Pick the woody end from the samphire and discard. Wash the rest thoroughly
2) Boil a large pan of water and add the pasta
3) When the pasta is a couple of minutes from being done, add the samphire
4) Make sure that the prawns etc are cooked etc and possibly warm through in a pan a little
5) Drain the pasta/samphire mix and return them to the pan
6) Add the butter, olive oil and black pepper to taste
7) Add the prawns (or other shellfish or fish) and warm through
8) Serve and squeeze a little lemon juice over
9) Enjoy

Samphire and Shrimp (or prawn) Risotto - Serves 4

cooked pink shrimps or cooked prawns
100g Samphire washed and picked over
3 oz unsalted butter (samphire is salty!)
1/2 onion
Pint or so of Fish stock
1 clove garlic
12 oz risotto rice
4fl oz of white wine
1 oz grated parmesan
black pepper

1) Melt the butter in a large pan and fry the onion until soft and lightly browned
2) Add the garlic and cook for a couple of minutes
3) Add the rice and turn for a while to make sure the grains are coated with the butter
4) Add the wine and simmer constantly until it has been absorbed
5) Add a little of the stock and stir continually until it has been absorbed
6) Repeat the above for about 20 minutes adding stock each time until it has been absorbed and then adding more
7) Test the rice .. It should have a little bite but be soft
8) If the rice is nearly done, cook the samphire for a couple of minutes in a seperate pan
9) Add the shrimps or prawns, parmesan cheese and black pepper into the risotto and stir for a minute
10) Add all but a handful of the samphire and stir very gently to avoid it breaking up too much
11) Serve and add a little more samphire as a garnish