Does Samphire Have Any Nutritional Value?

Have you noticed that many 'healthy foods' when analysed seem to be more about what they don't have than what they do .. ie no fat, no sugar etc

All this is great but wouldn't it be nice to know what they actually do have and we can apply this to samphire too.

The samphire nutritional values are significant. Naturally, it has virtually no fat but is also rich in many minerals which are needed in extremely small quantities for our overall health.

In fact, a 100g portion of samphire will provide only 100 calories which makes it a very tasty ingredient to eat without worrying about your waistline. Of these calories, there is not a single gram of saturated fat, so nothing to clog up your arteries. The same applies with cholesterol, although for those watching their sodium intake it does contain 0.8mg of sodium which is fairly small but you may want to consider this. Of course, by using samphire as an ingredient in a recipe, you can significantly reduce any salt you include as samphire imparts a good salty taste on its own.

So overall, you can eat samphire to your hert's content without worrying about any health issues. In fact, it is reputed to be excellent too at cutting down any excessive flatulence, so that is an added bonus for you.