Can you recommend a samphire fritter recipe to me?

You will probably find a number of samphire fritter recipes online but this one is simple yet delicious and should please the family

Preparation Time: 20 mins - Cooking 5 mins

When finished these delicious fritters should be crispy on the outside with a soft tasty centre. Try serving with a salsa for extra flavour.

14oz samphire
2 eggs
100g plain flour
2 tablespons extra virgin olive oil
Salt/black pepper
5 fl ounces milk

1.Sort and dry the samphire, getting rid of any tough parts that will taste woody. Wash and dry well.

2.Beat the egg whites until it is possible to form stiff peaks

3.Separately, beat the yolks and flour until the moixture is free of lumps then add the oil, salt and pepper and whisk until smooth.

4.Carefully add the samphire and fold in, followed by the egg white. be careful to do this last part gently.

5.Heat up the oil and then add the batter a spoon at a time. Within a couple of minutes or so, the batter should be crispy and golden