Celebrity Chefs Love Samphire!

Although people in Norfolk and other areas where samphire grows, have known and loved the vegetable for hundreds of years. For many, it has been a secret and possibly one of those 'fancy ingredients' that only the wealthy eat, probably specially imported form some exotic location.

So, we'd like to pay a tribute here to the celebrity chefs and especially Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for bringing it to the public attention and showing how easy and delicious it is to cook.

Jamie Oliver too, has been known to use it on several occasions, perhaps due to his local knowledge of it as an Essex boy!

So we just wanted to say a big thanks for introducing the rest of us to this great sea vegetable and hope you will try some of the recipes on this website.

If you don't trust our recipes though, perhaps you might like one of Hugh or Jamie's books below