Many more fish than just cod!

If you visit any supermarket in the UK; presuming that they do actually have a fresh fish counter which is increasingly rare these days; you would be forgiven for thinking that the seas around the UK were full of nothing but cod and haddock and the rivers of salmon and trout.

The sad reality is that most supermarkets only buy in what the public usually buys and these are also often the most endangered species. However, there is hope and some fish like sea bass and monkfish which didn't use to appear, can now sometimes be found, thanks mainly to the TV personality chefs who introduced them to us.

In the longer run, it needs to general public to persuade the supermarkets to change their policies, but in the meantime, you can buy fish online for freshness and variety.

A quick visit to some of the sites where you can buy fish online reveal the availability of species such as John Dory, bream, turbot, red snapper and gunard; all delicious fish in their own right.

These are all easy to cook and many recipes can be found on the web and we will be adding some of our own in the not too distant future. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy some of the new varieties and that you do decide to buy fish online and save some of the endangered species.