Welcome to Samphire

Welcome to samphire.org.

Samphire is a delicious sea vegetable which grows on the coasts of Northern Europe. Some of the best to be found in the UK is on the East Coast and in Norfolk in particular. It grows largely on the mud flats around estuaries. If you get it whilst it is really young, it can even be eaten raw and has a definite but delicious taste of the sea about it. This is particularly useful for vegetarians and vegans who want that seafood taste without the animal ingedients.

It is at its best between June and September but can become slightly bitter afterwards. Some people enjoy this taste but if you don't, then it can be minimised by boiling for a short time.

It has been know previously as poor man's asparagus and once cooked, can be sucked off the stalks like asparagus. Locals in Norfolk also like to pickle it which is delicious served with a salad. Although this is not a recipe site, we have included a few simple recipes for you to try which are simple to make such as samphire risotto.

The great thing about samphire is that, despite it getting high praise from celebrities chefs such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, Samphire is not a newly imported 'trendy' ingredient but has been grown in England for many years and is mentioned by Shakespear in King Lear.

Another person who mention it is that medical guru of past times, Culpepper who praises it for its diuretic and digestive properties, especially the easing of flatulence!! Indeed, not only does samphire taste great but it is full of minerals and vitamins.

Samphire is also known as Glasswort or glassworts and has also been mentioned as a possible source of biofuel, although it would be a culinary tragedy if it became scarce to eat because of it's fuel use.

So, we hope you enjoy looking through our site and that you will try one or two of the recipes here as well.